NW 10 TO 65


The throttle check valves in the series DRVK 10-65 are a combination of a throttle with throttle pinion and a check valve in a cone seat design. They were specially developed for water hydraulics. The throttle check valves have a free passage from A to B in accordance with the symbols attached to the valve housing whilst the fluid current can be continuously controlled in the return direction.

The flow rate depends on the differential pressure and viscosity. The construction type of the throttle provides for a possible blocking in the flow direction from A to B. The throttle as well as the check valve are sealed by pressing two metal cones against one another. The opening stroke of the check valve is provided with an end position damping and dimensioned such that when the return flow starts a fast closure  of the check valve is assured. The opening pressure  of the check valve is 1 bar. The max. working pressure must not exceed 320 bar.

The adjustable throttle can be adjusted under pressure and is secured against auto-turning by means of a locknut. Throttle and throttle seat are easy to replace. The valve cone of the check valve as well as the closing spring are fitted in an extremely flow-promoting fitted cartridge. A double guide for the valve cone provides for a perfect seal on the valve seat. The closing spring is chambered such that medium cannot flow through the same. Thus, in the event of any spring fracture occurring it is impossible for debris to enter into the circuit. Throttle check valves of this construction type are almost insensitive with regard to the high flow speeds occurring in hydraulic press water systems. All wear parts are made of corrosion resistant materials, easy to access and fast to replace. The mounting position can be freely chosen.

Picture (rightside): Mountingexample Throttle check valve