Water hydraulics

Around 1650 the french scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal discovered the principle of hydrostatics and confirmed it mathematically, laying the foundation stone for modern water hydraulics.

By 1860 over 1200 machine of various types, powered by water hydraulics, were already in use in England. The most famous of these machines is the drive system for the Tower Bridge in London. Built in 1894 the Tower Bridge represents the peak of water hydraulics achievement in the nineteenth century.

In 1950 the Tiefenbach company was founded in Essen by Dr. Tiefenbach.

In 1997 FT-Tiefenbach GmbH was founded by former employees of the Dr. Tiefenbach company.

On the 1st of August 2006 FT-Tiefenbach GmbH was re-constituted as Tiefenbach Wasserhydraulik GmbH.