Corporate Connections


Brian Hollingworth 

for North America

Tiefenbach Water Hydraulics Inc. is our sisters operation in the North and South American and Indian markets. With their many years of experience all fields of the forging industry our partner provides support in the realisation of water hydraulic systems both small and large and complex. The team around manager Brian Hollingworth provides 24/7 technical support for the customer. A lively exchange at the technical level between Tiefenbach Water Hydraulics Inc. and ourselves ensures that TWH Inc. has also been involved in many of our new developments.


Hui Krumtuenger

for China

Tiefenbach China Wasserhydraulik GmbH is our subsidiary in China, where Hui Krumtünger heads up our team, offering our customers in China an optimum sales structure. Together the Chinese and German operations have completed a number of major projects.