Tiefenbach Wasserhydraulik produces over 80 % of all its workpieces in-house at its Essen plant.

Butterfly, pressure limitation, filling, manual shut-off, pressure reducing, proportional, back pressure, switching and special valves are designed by our experts and produced in Essen. In addition, almost all the individual elements of control systems, as well as the control system itself, are produced, assembled and tested by us.

They are not shipped to our customers until they have been successfully accepted. If required, our service department provides for smooth assembly or installation and commissioning at your plant.


Engineering, service and production work together to provide intelligent solutions. We are a team of people who are convinced of what we do. We talk to our customers and suppliers. Through the open, communicative interaction and the input of decades of experience as well as innovations, we create optimal paths and high-performance water hydraulics systems.


The interplay of the optimal workflow and the quality of our machinery saves material, time and costs. Universal lathes such as the B400 and B500, with the virtual machine for optimised set-up, deliver the results our customers want with power and precision.

The most demanding projects become reality, among other things, due to the precise machining that is used at Tiefenbach.


provides security

The security of your production is what drives us. Even if it’s “only” a matter of the one replacement valve, Tiefenbach’s customers know they can be sure of having the replacement in their hands as quickly as possible: we know that the smooth production in your company depends on it.

Our engineering is focussed on long-term production security: the joint development of new systems or subcomponents such as plant controls and/or control blocks with you and for you.

From the review of requirements to feasibility studies and variant considerations, we reach proposals for solutions. After the design, virtual testing is carried out and simulated using flow simulation before production starts. We want you to be secure.



Our fairness, the high demands that we place upon ourselves, and the pride and simple pleasure we take in working on the latest water hydraulics developments are what have made Tiefenbach the major force in this field for over 50 years.

The personal commitment and the extensive knowledge of our people always guarantee flexibility and maximum quality within short delivery times.

Our corporate HQ and production plant in Essen, Germany supplies customers all over the world. Our operations in USA, Canada and China provide additional sales and technical support.