• Pilot-controlled seat valve
  • Pilot-control by means of own medium
  • Emergency manual operation
  • Leakage-free sealing on the valve seat
  • Force-controlled working piston
  • Stroke limitation of pistons possible 
  • Smooth switching, no pressure shocks 
  • Wear parts easy to access and fast to replace
  • Control electromagnets protected against dirt and humidity

Special features

Due to the hydraulic force-control by means of the different size control surfaces of the piston rods, the piston rods cannot flutter. Closing springs are not required, thus there can be no uncontrolled piston position in the event of any spring fracture. The valves are insensitive against vibrations and pressure surges in the hydraulic system. Due to the extended piston guides, the pistons cannot be tilted by crossflow action. Depending on the version, the valves are kept closed by the applied system pressure. If the pilot-control medium or the electrical power fails, the valves will close. Therefore, hazardous uncontrolled load movements cannot occur.The individual valve pistons are always fed through to the outside; this causes the open or closed valve positions to be visible from the outside. All valve components coming into contact with one another due to their movement are made of corrosion resistant materials. For aggressive media, the complete valve can be manufactured from appropriately selected stainless steels. The pilot-control valves are made completely of stainless materials. The emergency manual operations fitted as standard can be arrested and are protected against accidental activation.

Extrusion presses
Relief ring shifting

Travel path

Hot rolling mills
Roller change device

Construction type
Mounted seat valve

Pilot-control pressure
System pressure, 25 bar min.

Control medium
Own medium

Nominal width
NG 16 - NG 40

Pressure fluids
HFA 97% water and 3% additives Non-lubricated water (clear water) Mineral oil acc. to DIN 51524 and 51525

Pilot-control pressure
See separate data sheets

Max. op. pressure
320 bar

Main valve 100 ?m, pilot-control 25 ?m

for water (20° C) in 2/2 directional control fitted seat valves