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!Tiefenbach Wasserhydraulik has over 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing of water hydraulic control systems, valves and components. Formed by former employees of the "Dr. Tiefenbach" company in the south of Essen, Tiefenbach Wasserhydraulik places great importance in their various research projects, which always increase product quality and often lead to tailor-made solutions for their customers.

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Basics of waterhydraulics

Sun, wind and water, the renewable energy sources, will in the long run become the fuels of choice in global energy supply. The depletion of fossil fuels will lead to markedly higher energy prices - not only in the distant future.

We can already predict the time when world-wide energy production will reach its peak. As a result we will become ever more dependent on energy imports from potentially unstable parts of the Earth.

Water on the other hand has virtually unlimited availability compared to exhaustable fossil fuels.

Water can be used by a number of centralised and decentralised technologies.

Water does not burden the environment in the way that fossil fuels and nuclear technologies do. So it is particularly suitable for small scale, environmentally friendly, local applications.

Water offers the possibility of using regenerative local sources, reducing transport costs and risks, such as with crude oil.